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Five Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Five Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

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Five Ways to Make Money with Your Blog
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Do you have a blog and want to make money with it? Here are five methods that other marketers have used to very successfully make money with their blogs.


AdSense is a great starting point for anyone looking to make money from their blog.

You can install AdSense on just about any website on just about any topic and start making money almost instantly.

Once you’ve proven that a website has money-making potential through AdSense, you’ll generally make more money by switching to one of the methods below.

Affiliate Products

One easy way to make money is to sell affiliate products. These are products owned, created and sold by others. All you need to do is send them traffic with a special link and you’ll be paid a commission anytime they buy.

There are three general types of affiliate programs:

* Electronic items like eBooks, which you can find on ClickBank.com

* Physical goods which you can find on Amazon.com and cj.com

* Pay per action programs which you can find on Neverblue.com and Azoogle.com

Create and Sell Your Own Products

Another way to make money from your blog is to create your own products.

These can be physical products which you can easily set up on Shopify.com, or it can be digital download products which you can easily setup on PayPal or Clickbank.

Membership Programs

Starting your own membership program is a great way to really make some good cash.

Case Study: An early blog on SEO used to monetize by selling advertising on its blog. It wasn’t making very much money. It decided to sell a membership website for its top content and for SEO support.

Today, that site has almost 300 members paying $300 a month. That’s almost $90,000 a month. There’s no way you’ll ever make that kind of money by doing AdSense or affiliate programs.

A membership program can be anywhere from $5 a month for frivolous content to $2,000 a month for high-end business programs.

Paid Product Reviews

Another proven way to make money with your blog is to do paid product reviews.

Note that people pay you just to do the reviews, NOT to say positive things about their product. They’re paying you for exposure, not for you to change your opinion. It’s important for you to keep your journalistic integrity and only publish what you truly think, or you’ll risk losing your audience.

Paid reviews are especially common in industries where people are doing a lot of shopping, such as the iPhone app market.

These are five methods that many marketers have used again and again to make anywhere from a small bit of money to truly impressive sums. Find the method that works for you, get good at it and you’ll find money rolling into your bank account in no time.

15 Responsesto “Five Ways to Make Money with Your Blog”

  1. avatar Adesoji Adegbulu says:

    Nice post. I’m into the first three and many others. I will start the next two soon.

    Adesoji Adegbulu

  2. avatar Thelma says:

    Hi, I am new to this blogging thing, I would like to make some money blogging, I read your info. Am just not quite sure how or where to begin can you give me a little more direction?

  3. avatar Janice says:

    I have Adsense and Amazon on my blog already but still have a little earnings.

  4. avatar Price Comparison Script says:

    I agree with you but there are some other ways where you can make better money

  5. avatar Darren Yates says:

    In reply to Janixa but also relevant to Thelmas’ comment…

    I checked out your blog and there are 3 simple things you can do:

    1: Adsense: You’re using Adlinks for your Adsense which don’t really catch the eye, I see you’ve placed them near the navigation to blend them in a little which will help but the clicks on the Ad Links, in my experience, are a tiny fraction of the clicks you will get on a more prominent Ad Unit/Box. Introduce some Ad Units. Generally for best results place a unit in the content and at the top of the page as you can see on this page. There’s a plugin ‘Master Post Advert’ that makes it simple to insert Adsense in to your content using the ‘more’ feature when you post. Test different colour text in the ads and try the ads in different places on your site to see what works.

    Having said all that you’re running a personal blog and you’ll probably find that the ads served don’t have a great click value because of this but it really depends on what you blog about.

    2: Amazon: Doesn’t work as well as Adsense, I’d even consider dropping it completely and adding more Adsense or another advertiser. There are two main reasons why Amazon links don’t work:
    i: Your visitors are not looking to buy they’re in a browsing frame of mind.
    ii: An Amazon cookie lasts only the length of your users visit to Amazon through your link. If they don’t buy there and then that’s it. If they revisit the product you’re promoting again tomorrow independently and buy, you get no credit.

    3: Get more traffic. 😉 Two quick ways to get a rush of traffic each time you post, and to build external links, are to increase your ping list Settings > Writing at the bottom of the page under ‘Update Services’. You should also install one of the ping management plugins that will stop you over-pinging, that is when you make revisions or changes, and limit you to pinging only when you publish new content.

    Reply to this comment and I’ll email you my own ping list of 120+ sites. 😉 That goes for anyone else reading this. ;))

    Secondly sign up to one of the numerous social bookmark pinging sites. You can find services that will ping to their social bookmarking accounts and others that will ping to your own accounts. You will of course need to set up your own accounts for the second option.
    Two services I use each for the above options are http://www.imautomator.com (use their accounts) and http://www.ping.fm (you need to set-up your own). You can easily outsource the setting up of the bookmarking accounts if you prefer.

    Beyond that keep making relevant comments on other blogs/sites, try and exchange links with other sites, maybe try a guest post on another site in return for a link back to your own. Publish and syndicate articles, add your site to directories; site, blog and RSS. Join some busy forums and have a link back to your site in your author panel etc etc.

    There’s lots you can do to boost traffic and I’ve only touched the surface here.

    Hope all that helps and good luck!


  6. avatar Darren Yates says:

    There are numerous ways to monetize a site, what you’ll find above is a broad overview of some of the most popular options.

  7. avatar shyam jos says:

    great post dude ,paid reviews is more practical

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