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Do You Know The No.1 Place To Build A Real Business Online?

Do You Know The No.1 Place To Build A Real Business Online?

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Do You Know The No.1 Place To Build A Real Business Online?
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Have you ever tried to start an online business? If you are like most people, it usually goes like this. You start searching on Google for a keyword like “make money online” or “residual income”. You will almost always end up on the website of an internet marketing guru who claims to have made a fortune online.

What is even more surprising is that these gurus are willing to show you how to do it for free. After wasting valuable time going through webinars, ebooks and videos, you realize that they are just trying to sell some product to you for a few dollars. If that is all it took to make millions online, the world would be filled with millionaires, which sadly is not the case.

A Real Online Business That Works

There are some very real and proven methods to make money online, but all of them involve patience and hard work. While it is possible to get rich with these methods, it is not going to happen in a few days or months. One such tried and tested place to make money online is Amazon. No, we are not talking about affiliate marketing here. We are talking about becoming a merchant in the Amazon marketplace and selling real products that people need.

Yes, it is true that the marketplace has a lot of sellers and products, but it is possible to get business, despite all that competition. Here are some interesting facts for you:

1. Marketplace sellers alone sold more than a billion units worldwide in 2013.

2. The marketplace has over two million successful small businesses who cater to millions of serious buyers. The buyers at the marketplace are people who need the products that they buy and are not coerced into buying something with clever marketing or hard selling.

3. In 2014, the number of high volume sellers on Amazon increased by about 30%. These sellers had an annual sales of over $250,000.

You Don’t Need To Hunt For Potential Customers Or Visitors

Unlike your own website or online shop, with Amazon, you don’t have to worry about traffic. You have plenty of interested prospects visiting the site round the clock. With close to 90 million unique visitors every month, you will get the best possible exposure for your products. Even sellers who have their own eshops or sell offline have discovered that they can get over 50% additional sales by expanding their business to the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon Is A Trusted Brand

Amazon has a trusted payment system and fair return policies. Surveys have confirmed that customer satisfaction index at Amazon is consistently over 85/100. This gives a big advantage to its sellers. Compared to selling on your own website, as a seller in the marketplace, buyers are more likely to trust you. In fact, you can increase the trust levels of your own brand by becoming a seller on Amazon.

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Endless Opportunities

Amazon has thousands of categories, which means that you can choose the niche and products that you are comfortable selling. There is space for every type of seller. Other than this, you get the benefit of attracting customers who may not even have heard about your niche or your products. The vast marketplace also allows customers to buy from many vendors in a single checkout process. In fact, your products are viewed by people who came for something else and had no idea about your brand or products. That gives you tremendous additional exposure. With Amazon, you can establish your own brand faster.

Setting Up A Business On Amazon Is Easy

You can sign up and become a seller on Amazon and list your products without any upfront investment or costs. Amazon only takes a percentage from your sales. You can start off without any risk. You don’t need an inventory or bother about shipping and handling. There are drop-shippers who will supply the products and process your orders for you. If you want to have full control over order processing or want better profit margins, you can source products cheaply in bulk from drop-shippers, wholesalers or countries like China.

When your volumes increase and you are making steady sales, you can use the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) service. All you have to do is ship your inventory to Amazon and they will take care of stocking and order processing for a small fee. When a product is fulfilled by Amazon, it gives buyers even more confidence, which will further enhance your sales.

It’s a little know fact that Amazon will list a product that’s part of their FBA program higher up their search results, above those that are not part of the FBA program. Of course there are other factors that come in to play such as reviews, sale numbers and sale frequency but FBA subscribers get a preferential treatment.

Building an online business does take some time and hard work, but you can make it a reality by becoming a seller on Amazon. Instead of setting up your own online store and struggling to get visitors and sales, it’s best to start off in the Amazon marketplace. Your business will take off quickly, you will have a greater chance of success and you can establish your own brand, a very valuable asset.

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