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7 Tips to Help You Start and Run a Successful Home Based Business

7 Tips to Help You Start and Run a Successful Home Based Business

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7 Tips to Help You Start and Run a Successful Home Based Business
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Are you tired of the long commute to and from the office or working for someone else? Working for yourself, right from home, is something you could look into. It’s both exhilarating and overwhelming to start a home based business, and if you are seriously considering that possibility, remember these 7 tips as doing so will ensure your success in this new venture.

Tip 1: Do you have a home business personality?

Make sure you’re cut for this kind kind of business. Running a home based business requires that you are organized and self-motivated. Can you work alone, unsupervised, for long periods?

Tip 2: Decide on the type of home business that suits your needs and fits your personality.

You have plenty of home based business choices — from home based transcription to ghostwriting and everything in between. You can start your own eBay store and sell practically anything you can think of.

Take some time to learn the different types of home business you can put up. See which one fits your needs, personality and interests. Remember that your home based business is exactly that — a business — so it needs to be something that you can profit from for many years. It also needs to be something you will enjoy for years.

Tip 3: Learn what tools and resources you can take advantage of to run your home business.

Today, businesses, both large and small, are making use of technology, particularly the Internet. If you decide to run a home based business, the Internet and related technologies can make running your business easier for you.

For instance, you can communicate not just with customers in your area, but also from customers in many parts of the world via e-mail. You can make ordering easy for your customers online by having a shopping cart software on your website. You can also easily accept payments from anywhere in the world using online payment processors like Paypal, 2Checkout and AlertPay.

Tip 4: Create a business plan. A business plan is a requirement; it’s not optional.

You need to write down your goals, as well as your reason for being in the type of home business you’re in. You also need to create a budget, list down your assets, identify your strengths and weaknesses, identify and assess your competition, and lay out your marketing strategy. Just because you’re working for yourself doesn’t mean you can simply work whenever you want.

Tip 5: Treat your home business as a business.

You may be tempted to work only whenever you fee like working. Sure, you can wear pajamas while you work at home, but to make sure you become effective in running your home business, work like you were in an office. Hold yourself accountable each day.

Set your work hours and make sure you use those hours for your business. You need to maintain professionalism, even if you’re working for yourself. Devote an area in your home just for your business. This can be another room or a small area in your living room where you can work your business.

Tip 6: Identify your role!

When you’re starting out with your home business, you’ll be taking on many different hats all at the same time. You’re your own marketing director, lawyer, accountant, customer service, salesperson, fulfillment center, etc.

However, as time passes, you will need to eventually outsource some areas of your business so you can focus on the tasks you do best and that could bring in the most profit for you.

Tip 7: Maintain balance between your work life and family life.

Many people who decide to leave their jobs and start their own home business do so because they want to be able to spend more time with their family. However, they end up spending more time running their home business and not enough time with their family. Once you become your own CEO, make sure to set aside time for fun, self-care and your family. Again, this is why you need to treat your home business like a business — with set working hours and schedules.

9 Responsesto “7 Tips to Help You Start and Run a Successful Home Based Business”

  1. avatar Matt says:

    Thanks for the knowledge. I am new to online businesses and I find this article an eye opener. When I started online businesses I never thought of it as a real business. but now I see the need of writing a business plan for my business.

  2. avatar Kingsley says:

    home business is the best both online and offline because, you are 89.9% the boss

  3. avatar Darren Yates says:

    That’s quiet a specific percentage, surely you’re 100% in control?

  4. […] suits your needs and matches your personality, that will be beneficial to you.You have plenty of home based business choices — from home based transcription to ghost writing and everything in between.You can […]

  5. […] on the type of home business that suits your needs and fits your personality.You have plenty of home based business choices — from home based transcription to ghost writing and everything in between.You can […]

  6. […] home based transcription to ghost writing and everything in between, you will have plenty of home based business choices.You can practically sell anything you think of by starting your own eBay store.You can […]

  7. avatar alice brown says:

    Im starting a Homebased buisness what are the tools to make it a success.

  8. avatar Darren Yates says:

    If you’re starting a home based business whatever it’s target Market, you have a lot of options but a good domain name and a website are a must or maybe even an App these days. 

    Below I’ve broken down a low cost method of getting a website up and pulling in prospects.

    Setting Up A Low Cost Website

    You could cut costs by setting up a free blog on http://www.wordpress.com or any of the other free blogging platforms, Tumblr, Blogger.

    WordPress is the more flexible solution, with plugins available to do just about anything, and when you decide to go with your own hosted site you can install it there and the learning curve will be minimal.

    To help make your free site look more professional have your domain name use ‘framed forwarding’. You can set this up in your domain name control panel. This will forward any visitors to your free WordPress site but continue to display your domain name in the address bar.

    For domain names try http://www.daily.co.uk for UK and mydomains.com for .com.

    You can get a good design by using a free, easy to install template for WordPress or add an extra shine by buying a template. Try monstertemplates.com.

     If you’re targeting your local area claim your free Google Places listing. This can be a quick root to a page one listing in Google depending on your Market and the local compeition.

    Building And Promoting Your Site

    This will work best if you host your site rather than use the free services, but you can still utilise this method on your free account and export your content to your hosted site when you’re ready…

    Create 15 to 20 pages of unique content for your new site. If you’re not a writer use vworker, elance, fiverr or a search for ghost writer in Google to source a writer.

    Be sure and create content around good keywords relevant to your Market. Ideally highly searched keywords with low webpage competition. It’s still possible to find them.

    Don’t skip on the page number it will help to differentiate you from your competition, probably with less content, and increase your search engine ranking possibilities. 

    Add the content at around 3 pages per week, don’t be tempted to rush this. Ping and social bookmark each page as you publish it. That’s a whole other area but for now take your published page link and drop it in pingdevice.com.

    Once you’re getting near to publishing all your content create more and continue to add it regularly.

    In brief build incoming links by syndicating your content through RSS, article syndication, guest posting, social book marking, social networking, press releases, bought links, Adwords etc etc

    Reading trough this it can seem quiet daunting, a lot of work and time consuming. The trick is to just take those first few steps they’re the hardest and from there you’ll soon be on your way.

    The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the successful are prepared to take those few extra steps where others give up.

  9. avatar Shine says:

    It’s true what you said about being professional even if you’re just at home doing your business. And if you don’t treat your home business as a business, don’t be surprised if you don’t earn from it.

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